CHEEEEEEEEEESE!  It’s what we all say during picture time, right?  We tell our children repeatedly, “everyone say cheese”!  We all do it – we’re all guilty.  I would like to take on the roll of the cheese police for a moment though in the honor of all photographers in America.  Stop the insanity!!!  Chances are your child has the most adorable smile, but it’s rarely captured without the help of a professional.  Why?  Because we don’t ask them to say CHEESE!  Here you’ve wondered all along why the only expressions you’ve managed to capture are silly faces and cheesey grins.  There is a reason those grins are called cheesey you know?  So, my advice to you:

*  Talk to your child – ask questions and be silly.  Make them laugh!

*  Capture the moments in between the cheese.  The simple, true expressions of innocence that only children can portray.  Whether they’re serious, pensive, looking away, silly, or anything in between.  You will want to remember these just as much as the adorable smile.

*  If all else fails, pick a different word.  Try monkey!  Or better yet, say “On the count of 3 say Mommy’s a monkey!” – it’s sure to get a few laughs and genuine smiles.

Thanks for reading and allowing my cheese police rant.  Join in with me and help educate America – cut the cheese!  heh 🙂

Watch Me Grow! Fort Campbell Maternity & Newborn Photographer

I have thoroughly enjoyed the influx of maternity and newborn portraits lately.  The glow of a pregnant woman beaming with life is a miracle that begs to be captured.  I love the faces of the family about to gain a new member and I just adore the little ones tickled pink with the pending older sibling title.  Like many moments in life that we want to remember, pregnancy is temporary.  I am always honored to be included in the memory making with maternity portraits.

Newborn portraits are a favorite of mine.  Another fleeting moment;  another miracle happening before my eyes.  Being a part of a child’s very first portrait session is a very special opportunity – I am truly grateful for all of the parents who have chosen me to fill this role.

Even better than a maternity or newborn portrait session is BOTH!  I get to revel in the beauty of belly full of life while comparing the features of the family members as I watch them beam with pride.  I am blessed beyond belief to be able to see the baby within a week of birth while capturing the memories of this bonding family.  I love comparing newborn noses to mom and dad’s nose and playing the guessing game.

Here are some images from my most recent maternity and newborn combo – such a beautiful family with a brand new baby boy.  I have enjoyed marking these moments and milestones for this newly expanded family.

Thank you for supporting me and referring me!

Pictured Moments By April | Maternity & Newborn

Clarksville, TN and Fort Campbell, KY


It’s my 29th birthday again!  I decided to run with a theme on “aging” for picture submissions from fans and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all.  There was a good mix of funny, sentimental, literal, and silly – perfect!  I had no clue what I wanted my “Aging” image to be though.  I racked my brain on what the term meant to me and I kept coming back to the same concept:  acceptance.

Kyle and Kylie made me cupcakes for my birthday.  They were a beautiful mess – chocolate and vanilla icing smeared on the tops with finger holes in a few cupcakes to confirm Kylie had been there.  She decorated mine with Snow White cupcake toppers that she got for Christmas – it was a huge deal for her to gift them to me for my birthday.  They stuck out of my cupcake uneven and awkward and a simple pink candle lit up the middle.

This for me defined aging.  It’s messy and awkward.  It’s imperfect… fading and sometimes out of focus.  At first glance, it’s not much to look at.  It’s only after you hear the story of how the cupcake came to be that you really appreciate it’s “beauty”.  More than anything, it’s real.  It’s honest.  There are no 3 inch swirls of icing with designer decor nor fancy flavors to die for.  It’s just a token of love.  Once we have aged enough to accept this humble little cupcake, all we’re able to see is the way it lights up the room instead.

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
R e c e n t   P o s t s
C a t e g o r i e s