Best Newborn Photographer Winner!


Just in case you missed the verdict, we WON Best Newborn Photographer for September 2012!  Not me, WE.  Two very important, life-changing votes set us apart from second place.  You read that right:  we won by TWO VOTES.  One, two.

Why “we”?  I can list a million reasons as to why this is a group win and not just a personal win for me as a photographer.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • This image was created in a joint effort with my very dear friend Jamie of Jamie Lynn Photography.  She brought equipment and props all the way from Alabama and we both sweated our tails off photographing these babies for hours.  She has a nearly identical image in her portfolio as well.  I promise whole-heartedly that she earned this just as much as I did.
  • The image would have never been considered if it were never nominated to the Best Newborn Photographers contest!  Thank you for taking that extra step on my behalf.
  • Although it was chosen in the top 10, the image logically didn’t stand much of a chance in the face of some of the newborn photography giants competing alongside the triplets.  With 6 minutes remaining in the contest, the triplets were tied with another image – both having 1,232 votes.  Over one THOUSAND people contributed to this win!!
  • Throughout the week of the contest, the image was shared hundreds of times.  I wish I could track an exact number, but the hundreds of you that rallied for this win by sharing and asking for votes definitely earned a claim to the title.
  • My family campaigned for me like you wouldn’t believe.  My father (who isn’t even on Facebook and barely knows how to surf the net) called all of his clients and friends and insisted on votes.  My mother did the same and was caught more than once showing the triplet’s picture to random strangers with babies and requesting that they go vote.  My granny (who is nearly impossible to say no to) was very persistent in sharing the contest and requesting votes (drill sergeant style).  This title definitely belongs to them too.
  • And last, but not least – the two people that cast those last two deciding votes.  There would be no title if it weren’t for them.  A very humbling realization indeed.

I have come to realize that life is made up of collaborative efforts in our pursuits and endeavors.  Whether it’s work related, life as parents, fundraising, making the world a better place, or just deep in prayer – we are never, EVER alone.  Thank you God, and a huge heartfelt thanks to all of you!



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